About Our Line

Included in our line of Mighty Giant Hay Grinders are the Model 2015 PTO-Driven grinder and the Model 3500 Power-Unit Style Grinders for smaller to mid-sized operations, as well as the Model 4012 Power Unit grinders and the Model 5012 Hydrafork for mid-sized and larger operations. These units are used throughout the United States by farmers, ranchers, backgrounding lots, commercial feed yards, and custom grinding operations. The Mighty Giant line is capable of grinding virtually any type of forage or grain, wet or dry.

Also included in our line of Mighty Giant tub grinders are the Bark/Pallet grinder and the Wood/Waste grinder. These units are used by commercial and government operators to grind tree trimmings, storm damage, construction scraps, demolition wood waste, pallets, orchard and vineyard waste, tree bark, rail road ties and cut poles into useable products for mulch.

The Bark/Pallet grinder is available in two models. The Model 2100 is a commercial duty PTO driven machine, designed for daily use. The Model 3100 is built with a gooseneck hitch. The Wood/Waste grinder is a commercial heavy duty unit available in two models for a variety of applications. The Series 4100 grinder can be filled with most loaders. It is equipped with your choice of a folding elevator or rigid swinging elevator. Each machine also has a remote control system. Also available is the Model 5100 with a grapple for loading. The Hydrafork is equipped with a 28’ long boom and grapple fork, as well as a 27’ long rigid swinging elevator system.

Over the years, we have built many units like the models previously mentioned, but that isn’t the only machines we have manufactured. Our line of equipment also includes the Truck Mounted grinders and the Stationery grinders.

The Mighty Giant Tub Grinder boasts an impressive list of standard features. All Mighty Giant grinders feature a hydraulic tilt tub, steel discharge auger and top drive elevators, as well as heavy duty construction. Our powered machines are equipped with new industrial Caterpillar engines with 5 year/5000 hour Caterpillar Extended Service Coverage. We have also worked with other styles of engines that meet the required specifications to be mounted on our grinders. Each Mighty Giant is built with a severe-duty air filter system with a centrifugal type precleaner. Also standard is a hydraulic clutch or fluid coupling and a heavy duty drive line.

All Jones Mighty Giant Hay and Wood Grinders are of commercial, heavy–duty quality, designed for the high capacity grinding at a low cost per ton. With a Mighty Giant, you not only get a host of operator friendly features, but also the security of years of durability. We’re not the first tub grinder company in the world, but we’re confident that we are the last one you’ll need.